Marsala Vergine Soleras DOC

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Marsala Vergine Soleras D.O.C.

Grapes: Grillo (50%) and Catarratto (50%)
Production area: Marsala territory (act 851 28th/11/1984)
Growing system: Espalier with Guyot pruning
Harvest time: August/September
Wine making: In steel tanks at controlled temperature (25/26°C);
once got the basic wine, we add ethyl alcohol of wine origin before starting a long period of refining and ageing in oak barrels for at least five years
Colour: Old golden yellow with amberish highlights
Smell: Very complex and ethereal; we mainly distinguish herbaceous, woody and spiced hints of vanilla, cinnamon, cloves but also of nuts, toasted almonds, dry figs, minced coffee and tobacco
Taste: Dry, powerful, with a great texture and alcoholic character with a full correspondence of the olfactory sensations which last for long in our mouth
Alcoholic strenght: 19%vol.
Sugary residue: 30 grams/litre
Wood refining: At least 5 years in oak barrels
Maturing in bottles: At least 6 months
Serving suggestions: Outstanding meditation wine, to taste with typical dry almond biscuits like tagliancozzi, even if it is possible to pair it with cottage cheese sweets and with creams of the sicilian confectionery; to taste also with the dark chocolate from Modica, with hard seasoned cheese and eventually with tuscan cigars
Serving temperature: 14/16°C

Packaging: [750 ml] - 6 Bottles of 750 ml per case

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