Among hectares of vineyard in the “most vined” province in Italy, our winery “Cantine Vinci” has selected the best grape varieties which have suited the typical pedoclimatic conditions of the land in front of Boeo Cape.
Marsala, Malvasia, Moscato, Zibibbo, Passito....The best expression of our production and “only children of our Sicily”, a sunny and windy land often considered “The Eden” by the conquering civilizations that arrived in Sicily along the centuries. Traditional and unique products, connected with our history, our island and fruit of an old artisan work, for which we have received prestigious awards in Italy and abroad.
Our white and red table wines, got almost exclusively from local grape varieties such as Zibibbo, Grillo, Nero D'Avola and Perricone, have been followed with our greatest care, step by step, in every productive phase without underestimating any phase. In fact, we have a strong opinion about our products: the best wine already originates in the vineyard and consequently grows in the winery.

Year after year, the traditional wine making technique has been strengthened by modern technologies because we have put together the Slavonian oak casks, the barriques and the thermo-conditioning steel tanks.
Years of experiments in the vineyard and in the winery have been supported by our great passion, taking into consideration our aim: focusing our production exclusively on quality to safeguard the environment.

Care and devotion, which are part of our lives, let us pursue better successes .
Thanks to the on-line selling, wherever you are, sipping a glass of our wine, you will immediately be projected on a Sicilian corner, where mild climate, culture and rural heritage give their contribution to a daily “senses celebration”.